This device turns any water bottle into a water flosser

It's great for flossing on the go…

TUNNU FlossCube
(Image credit: TUNNU)

If you can't stand the idea of being away from your water flosser, maybe you're a dentist or a tooth model (is such a thing exists) then boy, do we have a perfect gadget for you… Meet the Tunnu FlossCube.

The Tunnu FlossCube promises to turn any water vessel into a water flosser, which is great if you're camping or travelling and don't want to travel with your usual water flosser… or a small pack of tape floss.

The Tunnu FlossCube is the first pocket-sized water flosser without a reservoir, as we mentioned before, it fits most of the water bottles and the website even shows it placed over a mug.

Tunnu claims the FlossCube is capable of creating a maximum 110PSI, which is generally as strong as traditional water flossers, and is powerful enough to remove up to 99.9% of plaque and food crumb.

Judging from the brand's website, the FlossCube will have three power settings – sensitive, medium, and intense. These are all fairly self explanatory, sensitive is for first-time users and sensitive gums, medium is for healthy gums, and intense is for periodontal and orthodontal issues.

TUNNU FlossCube

(Image credit: TUNNU)

 Does this sound like the kind of product you'd be interested in? Well then you'll have to back the Tunnu FlossCube Kickstarter campaign which in August. The prices are not currently available.

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