These tiny TVs are the perfect Christmas gift stocking filler for tech lovers

Are you tired of ever more massive displays? The TinyTV2 feels like it was made for mice

TinyTV 2
(Image credit: Kickstarter)

While they're all very different, all of our current best TVs picks are pretty big. If you'd rather stick with the small screen, then the TinyTV 2 on Kickstarter may be a little wonder.

As The Verge reports, the TinyTV 2 is a new Kickstarter project from the same team that made a microscopic Game Boy. It's a one-inch, 216 x 135 pixel TV that works just like TVs used to in the pre-digital era – but it's still a digital video player with a useful 8GB of storage via microSD.

The itsy bitsy teeny weeny USB-C TinyTV

What's the point of such a small TV? It's a bit like climbing Everest: people do it because it's there, and the challenge is the whole point. But from a customer point of view it's quirky, fun and funny, not least because there's an even smaller 0.6-inch version for anyone who finds the one-inch model too massive.

You're looking at $50 for each version, and that includes an app to shrink your video files down to the right dimensions. So if you're looking for a great Christmas present for a mouse, you know where to go.

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