These EV chargers are the Amazon Prime Day deals you need

Home chargers are essential for electric vehicle owners and there are big discounts on wall boxes in the Amazon Prime Day sale

EV charger deals
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Driving an electric vehicle is a great experience, but it requires a different mindset to avoid that range anxiety. You need to plan in where you are going to charge for longer journeys, as charging stations aren't as plentiful as petrol stations – though they're getting better. 

The best way to avoid the worry – and cost – though is to install a home charger. With a home charger in place, you'll always set off with 100% charge, so unless you're doing hundreds of miles a day, you'll never need to top up. 

While fast DC chargers are creeping up in price, charging at home with a wall box charger is still a lot cheaper. You can also set your car to charge when your electric rate is cheapest. 

In the UK, you can pick up a home charger through your electric company, or your vehicle manufacturer. However, third party models are now available online from sites like Amazon, to help you keep the cost down. And with Amazon Prime Day running right now, you can get them even cheaper. 

Here are some of the best deals on EV chargers right now. 

Wallbox Pulsar Max EV charger:  was £639

Wallbox Pulsar Max EV charger: was £639, now £496 at Amazon
Save 22% – The Wallbox Pulsar is a great looking charger providing a 7.4kW Type 2 charging. It features Bluetooth so you can control the unit from your phone, is waterproof and comes with either a 5m or 7m cable. Wallbox also offer a 22kW version of this unit for faster charging.

Vorsprung EV Charger:  was £519

Vorsprung EV Charger: was £519, now £399.96 at Amazon
Save 23% – This Type 2 7.4kW unit comes with a 10m cable and is both heat and weather resistant.

Vorsprung White EV Charger:  was £367.66

Vorsprung White EV Charger: was £367.66, now £263.96 at Amazon
Save 28% – This wall box unit offers 7.4kW charging for type 2 compatible vehicles and is weather resistant.

Orion Motor Tech EV charger:  was £129.99, now £109.99 at Amazon

Orion Motor Tech EV charger: was £129.99, now £109.99 at Amazon
Save 15% – The Onion Motor Tech charger offers an 11kW charge for Type 2 compatible vehicles (requires 400V input). Professional installation needed.

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