These amazing sunglasses are made with part of McLaren's latest F1 car

Shades worthy of Monaco or the Vegas Strip

SunGod X McLaren Winners Collection
(Image credit: SunGod)

We've seen a lot of innovation in smart glasses this year, but the coolest glasses I have seen in 2023 have no such functionality. Instead, they feature a piece of McLaren's 2023 F1 car. 

That's right, the SunGod McLaren Winners' Edition Collection Tokas are shades that genuinely contain carbon fibre from either Lando Norris or Oscar Piastri's car from the season just gone. Sporting the famous Papaya logo and a unique number, each pair is dedicated to one of the historic team's 183 race wins, with a race number on the lens and an accompanying plaque. Yes, that does mean there are only 183 pairs.

That might be the coolest thing I have ever heard. As a die-hard McLaren fan, I would do unspeakable things for the pair dedicated to Jenson Button's Canadian GP victory in 2011 (the best race I have ever seen) where he led for only half a lap of over an over four-hour race. It was truly a racing miracle.

SungGod X McLaren

(Image credit: SunGod)

Considering the millions that go into developing an F1 car, a £450/$550 price tag for a piece of history seems pretty good value, especially considering both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri look like potential future world champions. The Tokas themselves are stylish shades that feature 100% UV protection and a lifetime guarantee.

For a more affordable McLaren-themed gift, there's the McLaren 60th Anniversary Tokas which also look pretty stylish. Priced at £110/$140, they sport a unique McLaren flavour and come with a pretty swish-looking Microfibre pouch.

The 2023 season may have been a bit of a non-contest in the Driver's Championship (thanks Max) but it was a breakthrough year for McLaren who returned to being regular podium contenders for the first time in several seasons. If the team continues to improve so rapidly and has a strong off-season developing the 2024 car, great things could be possible next year. Whether you're at Silverstone, Monaco or the Las Vegas strip, these McLaren shades will make you the envy of those in the grandstands. 

Andy Sansom
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