There's a new, free streaming service motorsports fans will love

Watch multiple Grand Prix online and for free

Formula E - Nick Cassidy of Envision Racing
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Motorsports coverage is generally locked behind paywalls and subscriptions, so it's refreshing to see that one brand has decided to make its races available to watch for free.

Formula E has launched its own online streaming platform and is offering every E-Prix from the nine seasons so far, in their entirety and at no cost. Plus, it will offer every race from the forthcoming 10th season seven days after each has been originally broadcast.

The first nine seasons are available to watch now through the Formula E website and mobile app, while the first race of season 10 will take place on 13 January in Mexico City – that means you'll be able to watch it in full on the new platform from 20 January 2024.

If you don't want to wait that long, Formula E also signed a deal with Roku earlier this year, to stream all 11 E-Prix in the forthcoming race calendar on devices like the Roku Streaming Stick+.

They will be available to stream live through The Roku Channel, which is also available on Roku TV sets and Sky Q boxes.

It is understood that TV broadcast rights in the UK are yet to be determined, after a deal between the motorsport and Channel 4 ended last year.

To watch the catalogue of former races, you will need to register on the official Formula E website (or through the app). You won't need to pay anything though, and can watch the video stream through any browser.

What is Formula E?

Formula E started in 2014 as an all-electric alternative to the gas-guzzling Formula One. It gained fill FIA World Championship status in 2020 and has grown as a spectator sport since.

It is different to many other motorsports in that the car is the same across each of the 11 teams, so the skill of each driver is even more important to success.

The current champion is British driver Jake Dennis, who races for Andretti Global – a team that's synonymous with American motorsports, such as the IndyCar Series.

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