The XBUS EV looks like an Xbox you can drive

This modular urban EV is ready for anything, and I absolutely love it

Xbus in Camper configuration
(Image credit: Electric Brands)

When was the last time you wanted to tickle one of the best EVs behind the ears? For me it was on the nineteenth of never, but looking at the Xbus EV I've caught myself making the kind of noises I usually reserve for my dog. It may well be the cutest thing I've ever seen with four wheels instead of four legs. And it's coming to the UK.

The German-made EV wasn't initially expected to be coming to the UK at all, but its creator ElectricBrands says it's coming here soon – most likely in very late 2024 or early 2025 – and in June it'll be showing the vehicle off in London to various press and industry types.

What I love about the Xbus, other than its looks, is that it's modular. It's a car! It's a van! It's a camper! 

LEGO doesn't make electric vehicles, but if it did...

Xbus UK price and availability

We don't have a launch date yet but the predicted prices have been published. The base module, which looks like a small flatbed truck, will be £17,526 or £19,744 for the off-road version. The bus module will be £21,741 or £23,959 for the off road spec. The tipper configration will be £24,736 / £26,954 and the box van £20,188 / £22,406.

There are several more options mixing different cabin and boot configurations, but my absolute favourite is the camper configuration you can see in the main photo. That sleeps two people, has a space-saving kitchen and a sofa and can be specified with a solar roof and all-wheel drive for truly epic adventures. That one starts at £29,727 or £31,946 for off road.

The Xbus is a great example of the kind of EV tech that gets me excited: as much as range and power matter in some EVs, what I'm really interested in is how car manufacturers can rethink all kinds of transportation when they don't need to have a massive engine under the hood or in the boot or go round the Nurburgring at 700 miles per hour. Judging by the similar-looking, space-hogging electric SUVs and sports coupes that seem to be everywhere in cities just now, that's a think many car firms don't seem to be thinking just yet.

You can find out more about the Xbus from its official UK retailer, Crown Xbus London.

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