The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 just got a new wardrobe thanks to Maison Margiela

The foldable phone continues its love affair with the fashion industry

The Samsung x Masion Margiela Galaxy Z Flip 4 on a white background
(Image credit: Samsung)

For as long as I can remember, foldable phones and fashion houses have gone together like salt and pepper. The iconic Motorola Razr is the first one I can remember, linking up with Dolce and Gabbana on a limited edition model. That phone was seen everywhere, from red carpets to board rooms, and earned itself a fair slice of sex appeal in the process.

Now, Samsung is continuing that trend with a limited edition version of their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone, designed by Parisian Haute Couture house, Maison Margiela. The brand, whose four stitch cross has taken on an iconic status in high-end fashion, has designed a unique variant of the Z Flip 4.

Samsung says the two companies came together "in the spirit of nonconformity" and that the limited edition handset "was created for those who want to celebrate their individuality."

So, what's different here? Well, for starters, the case material on the Z Flip 4 has been stripped back to show of a translucent outline of the phones internal structure. Maison Margiela is renowned for the use of solid white, and this is no exception.

The included leather cover is hand-painted with the Maison's Bianchetto technique, meaning each piece is unique. I can't profess to know what makes Bianchetto unique – frankly, it looks like someone's annoyed the local painter and decorator – but it's a cool design, nonetheless. It also gets finished with the four stich design that is the Maison Margiela signature.

The frame is executed in a matte silver and white finish, which offsets the stark white nicely, while the Maison's numeric ring is reimagined as a phone holder and attached to the back.

The handset will release in limited locations on the 1st of December 2022. No pricing has been unveiled yet, though expect to pay a premium – this is more a fashion piece than a phone, and the price will surely reflect that.

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