The Nintendo Switch 2's first launch title could be a surprise remake

And it could be magic

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After a Nintendo Switch 2 failed to materialise in 2023, surely 2024 is the year that we see Nintendo release new hardware. The world is certainly expecting it. The Switch's successor was supposedly even at GamesCom last year. But it makes you wonder what they were playing, what will be the launch titles for the system?

Obviously, as the console doesn't officially exist, there has been no official word on titles for the system, but that hasn't stopped rumour from running rife. One tipster believes that the first game we'll see announced for the Switch 2 won't feature Zelda or even Mario.  

According to Nash Weedle (translated into English) Bayonetta Trilogy will be a launch title for Nintendo's next console (and also on the current Switch). This title will supposedly include all three of Platinum Games' superb action-adventure games with "visual (HDR confirmed) and performance improvements." that's a tantalising prospect indeed. 

Of course, even if this rumour is true, there will surely be a host of other titles featuring Nintendo's own characters. One that I predict is an upgraded version of Super Mario Wonder, a bit like how we saw the Wii U's Super Mario 3D make its way to the Switch. The holy grail would of course be a Mario Kart 9, but that might be wishful thinking. 

So when will we see Nintendo release the Switch 2? A very good question, with no real current answer. Nintendo has insisted that there is life in the Switch until at least April this year. Specs-wise, there has been word of a massive performance boost with improved raytracing a key upgrade that could take it beyond the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. DLSS 3.5 support would certainly offer the visual upgrades referenced for the Bayonetta games in this latest rumour. 

The Nintendo Switch is looking a bit underpowered these days and 2024 is surely finally the year that it receives a successor. It has been a great console and lasted an impressive seven years now, but it could soon be time for it to move to the great arcade in the sky. 

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