The latest leak suggests GTA 6 is going to be absolutely massive

Fans are piecing together the GTA 6 map, and it looks absolutely enormous

GTA V skyline
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

We knew GTA 6 was going to be big, but we're only just starting to see how big it really is thanks to some dedicated GTA fans. Since the last huge GTA leak they've been diligently piecing together the map of the next Grand Theft Auto world, and it's safe to say it looks absolutely massive.

As Church of GTA posted on Twitter alongside an image of the new map based on the co-ordinates already known for GTA 5, "If Rockstar is using the same scale, I think it's safe to say the map will be pretty big."

Of course, because we're talking about the internet here some people aren't happy. For some, the apparent map is too big; for others, it's too small.

Is GTA 6 getting too big for its boots?

I doubt it. But it's definitely getting bigger: the map appears to be twice the size of the one in GTA 5, which was already pretty huge. And it appears to have more variety than in GTA 5: as some posters noted, there's more of a balance between city and country, which should mean more variation in gameplay and storytelling too - provided, that is, that it isn't just "too many mountains with nothing but empty space", as one GTA fan put it.

It's important to note here that this map isn't official, may not be accurate and could already be out of date: it's based on the leaked footage from 2021, and with an estimated GTA 6 launch date of 2024 or maybe even 2025, even if this map is accurate a lot could still change before we get our hands on the finished game. 

That said, we know Rockstar is aiming to make GTA 6 the biggest, baddest and best GTA game yet, and the apparent size of this map ties in nicely with that. If you're a fan of GTA's world building, it looks like you're going to have more world than ever before to explore and conquer.

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