The latest Google Pixel hits best-ever price for Presidents Day

A pixel-perfect price

Google Pixel 8 Pro
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We think that when it comes to Android, it's very hard to beat Google's own Pixel range. After all, when you literally create the system that the best Android phones run on, you know how to get the best out of it. 

This Presidents Day, you can pick up a Google Pixel 8 Pro for $799.99. That's a huge $200 saving on the regular $999 price, and the best we've seen. Good luck finding another flagship phone at that kind of price. 

The pinnacle of the Pixel range, the Pixel 8 Pro is an impressive bit of gear. The most obvious win is the cameras, described in our review as "consistent, advanced yet easy to use.". Yes the Samsung S24 Ultra may have a massive 200MP sensor, but when it comes to good ol' fashioned point-and-shoot photography, the Pixel 8 Pro is our top performer. That's thanks to a 50MP main shooter, 48MP wide angle lens and a 48MP telephoto lens as well as the secret sauce that brings it all together, Google's AI processing. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro: was $999 now $799 at Amazon

Google Pixel 8 Pro: was $999 now $799 at Amazon
No one knows Android like its creator, and Google has gone all out with the Pixel 8 Pro. It features a superb camera set-up, a host of unique features and a mighty 7 years of software updates. 

This phone is powered by Google's latest Tensor G3 chip which is designed with AI performance. That lets it perform a number of unique Pixel-only features such as the brand new Best Take function. Ideal for group shots, this lets you choose facial expressions from previous takes to eliminate any rogue blinks or goofy faces. When it comes to battery life you're in for a treat too, the 8 Pro features a 5050mAh unit that should see you even a heavy day's use. 

If you're someone who upgrades your phone regularly, the Pixel 8 Pro could see you break the habit of a lifetime. It comes with 7 years of updates to keep it fast and secure. 

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