The Jeep hackers have been given jobs at Uber

To ensure whatever they did to that Jeep doesn’t happen to an Uber car

From what we've seen in the movies, hackers always wind up behind bars and their computers destroyed. These ones, however, have landed jobs.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the two people who orchestrated the Jeep Chrysler hack – are going to join Uber's Advanced Technology Centre next week as full-time employees.

Their infamous hack led to the recall of 1.4 million Chrysler vehicles, the first known automotive recall for a cybersecurity vulnerability. It was shortly followed by more connected car hacks, involving Tesla and GM Motors, proving that security in the sector needs revising.

An Uber spokeswoman said Miller and Valasek will work with the company's top security officers "to continue building out a world-class safety and security program at Uber."

Generic mumbo jumbo aside, what will they actually be doing? Well, what's clear is they've certainly been hired to address the Uber app and the main concerns about that right now. It's also obvious that they'll be tightening up security for the tech used by Uber cars.

According to Reuters, Miller and Valasek will also help Uber make its own fleet of self-driving cars secure from malicious hackers. It envisions autonomous cars that could someday replace its hundreds of thousands of contract drivers, and is said to have already kicked off development.

Nathan George

Nathan George is a freelance journalist who has contributed to in the fields of gaming, social media, streaming services, autonomous vehicles, phones, virtual reality headsets, wireless speakers and future tech. He studied journalism at the University of the West of England and is a holder of the Bronze and Silver The Duke of Edinburgh Award.