The iPhone 15 may have you tickled pink (or red, or blue)

Purple iPhones are so 2022. The iPhone 15 will come in some fun new colours

iPhone 15 smartphone
(Image credit: 4RMD)

If there's one thing that's completely predictable about the best phones, it's that every year we get some new colours along with the inevitable performance and camera upgrades. Apple is no exception to this rule, and last year we saw the introduction of a strangely attractive purple for the iPhone 14's Pro model.

It looks like this year's iPhone 15 colours could be even more interesting. A new report suggests that the colour options being considered are pretty bright, and with a strong resemblance to the colours we last saw in the plastic iPhone 5C way back in 2013. 

What colours will the iPhone 15 be available in?

According to an unnamed source reported by 9to5Mac, the signature colour of the iPhone 15 Pro will be a "stunning" dark red. It looks nice in renders, but in all honesty I'm more interested in the colours for the standard and Plus models, which rumours describe as "picton blue" and "telemagenta". 

I don't know what a picton is, but it's apparently a very vivid shade of light blue; telemagenta, as the word suggests, is a bright magenta pink.

Interestingly the rumour also suggests that the dark red will be one of the options for the Apple Watch Series 9.

It's quite possible that Apple will change its mind about some or all of these colours – the iPhone 15 is still many months away – but I hope not. The blue and pink really make me think of previous Apple hits – not just the iPhone 5C but the third generation iPod nano and the original iMac too, from the days when Apple was a bit more fun.

Carrie Marshall

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