The best small OLED TV just got a massive price cut – and it's not even Prime Day yet

The 42-inch LG OLED C2 TV is one of the best TVs you can buy – and right now it's over £300 off

LG C2 on white background
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The LG C2 is the best OLED TV for most people, but while we love almost everything about it the price of the 42-inch version in particular has been rather steep. So this Amazon deal, taking over £300 off the list price, is a seriously good one. Instead of the usual £1,399, it's £1,089. There are discounts on the other models in the range too, but with the 42-inch model it's seriously worth considering if you're looking for the best TVs under £1,000: that extra £89 means you'd be getting one of 2022's best TVs.

This isn't the only LG C2 deal – LG is doing price cuts this weekend too – but it's the biggest discount I've seen anywhere.

In our LG C2 review we praised it very highly, but it's important to note that some features of the bigger models – such as the brighter OLED panel – aren't applicable to the sub-55 inch models. However, the smaller LGs are still excellent TVs, especially if you're looking for the best gaming TVs.

Why the LG C2 42" is a brilliant small TV

Small is relative, of course: 42 inches is still big for a TV. But in OLEDs smaller displays are still a rare sight because they're so difficult to produce without costing a fortune.

In addition to LG's beautiful OLED panel, which is a 4K panel with all the usual OLED benefits, you're also getting HDMI 2.1 Spec, 0.1ms response time & low input lag for superfast gameplay, and there's also Dolby Vision IQ for true-to-life picture & Dolby Atmos for immersive sound too. The processor is the very latest Alpha 9 Gen 5, which delivers excellent motion handling and upsampling, and the whole package is as well made and well designed as we've come to expect from LG OLED TVs.

I'm the first to slag off TV deals that aren't really deals, but this one's legit: if I were looking for a 42-inch TV for my Xbox Series X or PS5, this is the TV I'd buy.

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