The best-fitting earbuds? Ultimate Ears UE Fits use light to morph eartips' shape

UE Fits' "lightform technology uses light to harden the gel-filled tips to the contours of each ear"

UE Fits
(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

If there's one thing I find jarring about true wireless earbuds it's the fit not being comfortable enough over time. That's where Ultimate Ears comes to the rescue, with its UE Fits true wireless earbuds. 

Previously announced for the USA market, the UE Fits 'buds are now available in Europe, priced at £199.99/€229.99, and Canada, priced CAD$249.99, so there's much wider availability around the globe. 

I must admit the Ultimate Ears release had me taken from the off. To quote the audio company: "UE Fits are the world’s first truly wireless custom fit earbuds shaped to your unique earprints. Lightform technology uses light to harden the gel-filled tips to the contours of each ear, transforming them into earbuds that perfectly fit the consumer’s ear in under 60 seconds."

UE Fits

(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

Now that sure does sound impressive. Just don't go squishing them into some obscure shape that'll never fit into your ear. That would be a major booboo. I'm kidding, of course, as that not how it works: you use the UE Fits app on your phone to activate the earbuds' built-in LED lights to ensure an accurate seal and fit.

This tip-morphing technology sounds ideal to me. People's ears are very different in shape, you just probably don't spend much time staring into various people's lugholes to realise it. Even your own left versus right ears differ, which is why earbuds can struggle to fit well, be comfortable, or deliver the best possible sound.

I've often been impressed by Ultimate Ears' various Bluetooth speakers, too, so the earbuds market is an obvious place for the brand to expand its presence. With eight hours battery per charge, 20 hours total with the case, they're competitive enough too. Here's hoping there's a Black Friday promotion, as these clever-fitting earbuds sound like the in-ears I never knew I needed...

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