The best Fitbit Cyber Monday deals so far are these Inspire 2 offers that include a 1-year Premium membership

Save $40/£32 on this capable fitness tracker; the price includes a 1-year Fitbit Premium membership!

Best Fitbit Inspire 2 Cyber Monday deal
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Cyber Monday is upon us! And with it come amazing tech deals such as this Fitbit Inspire 2 deal, now only $59.95/£57.99 at Best Buy/Very. The Inspire 2 is the best Fitbit when it comes to value for money: not only is it cheap but a year-long Fitbit Premium membership is also included in the price. A real bargain.

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The Fitbit Inspire 2 is an awesome fitness tracker – although not the best fitness tracker, that title goes to the Fitbit Charge 5 – but if you're after an excellent value for money wearable, you'll love the Inspire 2. The year-long Fitbit Premium membership makes this deal all the sweater, so does the inclusion of new features such as the Daily Readiness Score.

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Fitbit Inspire 2: was $99.95, now $59.95 at Best Buy

Fitbit Inspire 2: was $99.95, now $59.95 at Best Buy
Using its heart rate sensor, the Inspire 2 measures Active Zone Minutes and activities automatically to determine whether you exercised enough during the day. It has up to 10 days of battery life and even monitors and scores sleep. Now $40 cheaper at Walmart!

Fitbit Inspire 2: was 89.99, now £57.99 at Very

Fitbit Inspire 2: was 89.99, now £57.99 at Very
Same as above but in the UK. Hurry up, stocks are low!

Why should you buy an Fitbit Inspire 2 on Cyber Monday

There is a lot to love in the Fitbit Inspire 2. First of all, it's cheap; but even though it's cheaper than most contemporary Fitbits, it grants access to the broader Fitbit ecosystem that includes the app and the Fitbit Community too.

Better still, thanks to the included Fitbit Premium subscription, the Inspire 2 also has a ton of useful features that will delight people who use fitness trackers to track everyday activities. One of these features is the Daily Readiness Score (DRS) which determine how ready your body to perform.

DRS is based on heart rate variability, sleep and activity levels and is a good indicator of just how well you can expect your body to perform, should you want to exercise. The Fitbit App will also recommend workouts based on your DRS from its workout library. 

The Inspire 2 also tracks heart rate and exercises automatically. Going for a walk? No need to start an exercise mode on the tracker, it will check movement and heart rate data and log the workout for you. This all feeds into another feature, Active Zone Minutes, that makes tracking fitness efforts less hassle.

Sleep is also being monitored by the Inspire 2 and it can even score your slumber in the Fitbit App. Advanced sleep metrics are available in the Fitbit App for Fitbit Premium users, such as yourself if you buy a new Inspire 2 today for $40 less!

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