The best Eufy RoboVac Black Friday deals

An Alexa-controlled robotic hoover? Yes it really is a thing, and now you can grab one while it’s on offer thanks to these Eufy RoboVac Black Friday deals

Eufy RoboVac Black Friday deals
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There are several robotic hoovers on the market, but the acclaimed Eufy RoboVac is one of the best reviewed. Offering automated precision cleaning, plus Alexa control, it’s certainly worth looking out for Eufy RoboVac Black Friday deals. 

All Eufy RoboVac vacuums come with advanced sensors that prevent the vacuum from dropping off surfaces and colliding with furniture, and they also come with several cleaning modes, so you’ll have all the functionality you need to keep your floors free from dust and hair. 

The most advanced RoboVac is the RoboVac 30C, which pairs powerful cleaning with clever Alexa control. Hook it up to your wifi, and tell the RoboVac to hoover without having to lift a finger. 

If you’re after the most powerful suction for the price, the RoboVac 11S Max matches the RoboVac 30C for suction power, but not having wifi connectivity knocks £30 off at the till. So if you can live without the Alexa control, the 11S is certainly a good value option to go for. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Eufy’s most basic model, the RoboVac 11, offers loads of nifty features, including automatic recharging, and four specialised cleaning modes for just over £200. 

 The best RoboVac Black Friday deals 

Eufy has previously knocked £65 of its RoboVac range so definitely check out the deals below to see if you can get yourself a bargain.  

The bet Eufy RoboVac 11 Black Friday deals

The best Eufy RoboVac 11S Black Friday deals

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