The best Cyber Monday toaster and kettle deals

Get breakfast done with these fine deals

Best Cyber Monday toaster and kettle deals
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I'm not sure what kettle and toaster sales are like in the rest of the world but in Britain, home of the Full English, Welsh, Scottish and (Northern) Irish breakfast, they are present in the vast majority of homes. Even though we drink way less tea and, thankfully, instant coffee than we used to, the popularity of fruit and herb teas keeps kettles essential, and they are also useful for cooking. And without toasters there is a chance that a proportion of the population of the UK might actually starve.

• Currys has the widest selection of toaster deals (opens in new tab)

• Lakeland has the best kettle deals (opens in new tab)

• AO has some great kettle and toaster bundles (opens in new tab)

If you are looking for a great toaster or kettle this weekend and into Cyber Monday, these deals could help you find ones that are perfect for you. 

Best Cyber Monday toaster deals in the UK

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Dualit Newgen toaster £199 with two free toastie cages at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
Officially T3's favourite toaster, the iconic Newgen is not on sale as such. However, John Lewis will give you two free toastie cages worth £40 if you buy one. You can also get a similar deal on the 2-slice Newgen (opens in new tab) but you only get 1 cage with that. I recently bought a toastie cage for my Dualit and they make great toasties, with a very stylish stripe effect.

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Bosch Silicone 4-Slice Toaster was £80, now £50 at Currys (opens in new tab)
Bosch makes some of the best value small kitchen appliances around. They're always built to last and work well. This 4-slice toaster has a typically no-nonsense, German design that will suit any modernist kitchen. 

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Delonghi Distinta X toaster was £129, now £100 at Currys (opens in new tab)
Currys has Delonghi toaster deals coming out of its ears this Cyber Week in all kinds of colours and finishes. If you like their Italian art deco/steampunk styling then… you will like these deals. This one is relatively understated and features a defrost feature and handy high-line eject.

Best Cyber Monday kettle deals in the UK

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Sage The Smart Kettle was £99, now £79 at Lakeland (opens in new tab)
One of your favourite kettles is £20 off at Lakeland. If you like green tea, this is a great choice as it has a variable temperature setting – 90ºC makes green tea that is much less bitter than using boiling water. It's a good looking and well made thing overall. 

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Russell Hobbs Mode kettle was £60, now £26 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
You're never going to be let down by Russell Hobbs. This extremely popular model is better than half list price and, well, it boils water. There's a 1.7-litre capacity, illuminated viewing window and easy pour spout. Textbook stuff.

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