The best Apple iPhone XR Black Friday deals

Apple's iPhone XR is a budget star and one of the best iPhones ever made. Don't miss these Black Friday deals on it

Apple iPhone XR Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Apple)

The annual extravaganza that is Black Friday 2020 has arrived, presenting us with basically unlimited deals on gadgets, tech, fashion, toys, games, and a lot more. One item to watch: Apple's iPhone XR, one of the best smartphones of the last few years, is now even more attractive thanks to some superb Black Friday deals.

While the iPhone XR isn't a flagship in the traditional sense, it's a beautiful blend of flagship (the big, all-screen display, for example) and non-flagship elements (like the single-camera system). The things that Apple has saved on, however, do not diminish the overall fabulousness of this phone.

The 6.1-inch display is easily as good as the other iPhones to all but the most discerning eye while the camera takes incredibly crisp and clear pictures in all lighting conditions. The battery will last all day, too, and the colour options are groovy, letting you personalise your phone based on taste.

If you're looking for a new iPhone but don't want to shell out top-whack for an 11 or 12, then the XR is perfect.

If you like the look of the Apple iPhone XR but have a little more money to spend, then why not consider an Apple iPhone 11 deal? Thanks to the introduction of the iPhone 12 last-years flagship is now available at some crazy-low price points, and with some crazy-good bundled SIM plans.