The Atari 400 Mini is the retro games console you never knew you needed

The Amiga A500 and C64 Mini games consoles are getting a surprising follow-up

The 400 Mini – Atari games console
(Image credit: Retro Games Ltd)

Retro consoles have been growing in popularity over the last five years or so, with just about every popular games machine of the 70s, 80s, and 90s reissued, reworked or reimagined. However, there are seemingly some diamonds still to mine – according to Retro Games Ltd, anyway.

After its excellent The C64 Mini and The A500 Mini consoles proved extremely popular, the company has turned its hand to a 1970s computer than few might have considered – the Atari 400.

The 400 Mini, as it is called, is a miniature replica of a fairly rare 8-bit computer. Its keyboard is just for show (much like its older stablemates) but you can play a library of 25 built-in games, not just those released for the 400, but also Atari 800, XL, XE and 5200 titles.

Plus, you can plug in your own USB stick containing other Atari game ROMs from that era and play those too.

Indeed, there are five USB ports in total, so you can also attach your own separate keyboard or alternative gamepads, and there's a HDMI port on the rear that will output upscaled graphics at 720p 50 or 60Hz.

The 400 Mini even features save game functionality to store up to four saves per game, and there's a rewind mode should you find the going a little too tough. After all, 70s and 80s games were a lot harder on the whole, we find.

Included in the box is a faithful replica of the Atari VCS joystick, which Retro Games Ltd calls The CXStick, and the games list includes Berzerk, Lee (ie. Bruce Lee), Millipede, Miner 2049er, Missile Command, M.U.L.E., and Star Raiders II.

It's available to pre-order from Amazon now for £99.99. Shipping is planned for 28 March 2024.

If you haven't already, we also suggest you check out The C64 Mini too, especially as it's now available for under £40. It comes with a whole stack of superb games from the Commodore 64 era.

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