The Apple Watch is one step closer to diagnosing this potentially fatal condition

It could save your life one day

Apple is continuing its drive to turn the Apple Watch into a full-blown medical device, with a patent recently released suggesting its one step closer to non-invasive blood glucose monitoring.

This would allow people with diabetes to keep track of their blood sugar levels, identify trends, and reduce the number of finger prick checks they need to carry out.

The patent, found by Patently Apple, details how Apple plans to monitor glucose levels using infrared absorption spectroscopy.

It's actually a "continuation patent", which dates back to 2015, but has been updated in February 2018, suggesting Apple has made some big advances in the past three years.

Apple's patent illustrates a cross-section view their system configured for determining a concentration and type of substance in a sample.

Check it out below:

Patently Apple thinks "this could be a major patent if and when Apple brings this feature to market and a patent that might be used in their legal case with Omni MedSci."

You can read the full patent here, although, it is highly technical and not likely to make much sense unless you have a specific knowledge in the area of medical sensors.