The 5 best Christmas movies to stream on Christmas Day and Boxing Day

The big day is nearly here

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We're officially in the final stretch towards the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas day is nearly here, but there's still a big question to be answered. What movies are you going to watch on the big day, and when your stomach is full to bursting on Boxing Day? 

We'll bring you a mix of classic titles that just feel Christmassy and some lesser-known festive gems for your holiday viewing pleasure. Here are the 5 best Christmas movies and where to watch them.

1. Elf

Will Ferrell's turn as Buddy the Elf is now 20 years old (OK we can stop there) officially making it a classic in our eyes. 

Adopted by elves in the North Pole, Buddy has always been a bit different to the others. He's twice the height of the other elves for a start and lacks some of their craftsmanship skills. Upon reaching adulthood, his father fills him in. He's actually human. With this new knowledge, he leaves for New York to find his real father. Of course, It's safe to say Buddy's life skills are rather limited, and his father wants nothing to do with him. 

Elf is genuinely very funny, and strong performances from Ferrell, the late great James Caan and Zooey Deschanel tie it all together with a nice Christmas bow. 

In the UK you can stream Elf on Sky while those is the US should check out Hulu or Max. 

2. Just Friends

Okay, so it's hopelessly cheesy and not exactly smart, but Just Friends is a super sweet Christmas romcom that I love to rewatch every year. 

Ryan Reynolds is Chris, a big-shot record producer forced to stay with one of his clients (an unhinged Ana Faris)  in his old hometown for Christmas. Although highly successful and looking like Ryan Reynolds, he's not really happy.

He's only ever loved one girl, his childhood best friend Jamie (Amy Smart), who rejected him on the final day of high school. Now much more comfortable in his own skin, Chris is determined to show his new successful self off and win her heart. This is a very chaotic comedy where no one comes out smelling of roses, but love conquers all. 

Stream Just Friends on Netflix in the UK while US viewers can rent it on AppleTV+

3. The Holiday

Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black all in the same movie? I'm sold. The Holiday is worth watching for the cast alone but it also more than delivers on that potential. 

Two women on either side of the Atlantic swap houses for two weeks in an attempt to escape from it all and end up with more than they bargained for. It's a saccharine sweet romcom but what separates The Holidoy is that it knows it. There are several knowing winks at the genre with Diaz's Amanda (who works as a movie trailer producer) providing some particularly meta fun.  

And if all of that doesn't work, just look at Jude Law's eyes for 90 minutes and you'll still have a great time. 

Stream The Holiday on Prime Video or Netflix in the UK or Starz in the US.

4. Die Hard

The ultimate debate, is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Our opinion is yes. Nothing screams happy holidays like John McClane fighting terrorists in Nakatomi Plaza (without shoes!). 

Nothing beats a little blockbuster action after Christmas dinner and Die Hard is arguably one of the finest action movies of all time. Say it with me "Yippie Ki Yay Merry Christmas!"

You can watch Die Hard on Disney+ in the US, or Starz in the US.

5. Love Actually

When it comes to Christmas, Richard Curtis is second only to Santa and Love Actually is a gift for the whole world to enjoy. 

This ensemble romcom features all kinds of takes on love at Christmas. From those looking to reconcile with that special someone, to erm... the Prime Minister. Join Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson and dozens more on a series of wacky Christmas love stories. Just don't watch with your parents/grandparents, not of all of it is family-friendly.

Stream Love Actually on Sky in the UK and on Netflix or AMC+ in the US.

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