Tesla phone screams peak Elon Musk fanboy and we hate everything about it

Elon Musk fanboys will love the Tesla Model P smartphone; everyone else? Not so much

Tesla Model P smartphone
(Image credit: ADR Studio Design)

Elon Musk fans will no doubt love the idea of a pimped-out smartphone that connects to everything Tesla, but for those of us who think the idea of having the ability to control a flamethrower with a smartphone app is just asking for trouble? Not so much.  

The Tesla Model P is a smartphone concept that seems geared towards Musketeers, as they've dubbed themselves, rather than tech fans looking for a top of the line smartphone. Given the audacious (and divisive) design of the Tesla truck, and the proliferation of display panel tech that's allowed for foldbables like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Xiaomi's quad waterfall screen, and LG's rollable, the candy bar form factor is a bit of a let-down.  

It's pretty slick nevertheless, but it errs towards the subtle sophistication of Apple devices like the iPhone 12, rather than a strikingly different form factor. But it's the slew of features that set the Tesla Model P apart from the competition, and you can take a look at the concept from Antonio De Rosa (ADR Studio Design) in the video below for a quick rundown of what being a Tesla smartphone owner might look like.  

First up, the hardware is less of a crowd-pleaser than the software, which is mostly comprised of gimmicky apps, like Marscoin. There's a sizeable quad camera array on the back, that does away with the bump, and houses a wide, ultra wide, telephoto, and a fourth lens for astrophotography. The astrophotography mode is also on hand with AI to capture stunning images at night. The front-facing camera isn't shirking when it comes to new tech at least, sitting underneath the display panel.

Skirting back to the rear, the smartphone charges via a solar panel, which is mad; if you've ever lived in England and attempted to introduce solar lights into your garden, you'll have some idea of how successful that might be. It's another Musk-esque spin on a problem that's already being solved in much niftier ways, like Xiaomi's futuristic true wireless charging. 

The Tesla Model P is setup for both 5G and WiFi 6, but of course, Musketeers need to justify the expense of an overpriced new gadget somehow, and the smartphone delivers, giving users access to Starlink. 

Meanwhile, if you've bought into the Tesla ecosystem, you can use the Tesla Model P to connect to your Tesla Car, your flamethrower, or even your brain, which is where it all starts going downhill for us. That thing is a weapon in the wrong hands!

It's a fun idea that will no doubt resonate with Elon Musk fanboys but the industry is seeing much more impressive tech coming from existing smartphone manufacturers, and we'd expect something a little more out there if Tesla was ever to enter the fray. 

Source: via Concept Phones 

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