Ted Baker joins the audio game with stylish new range

Ted Baker Audio brings us Brit headphones and speakers

Ted Baker has unveiled is own portable audio range, including headphones and a Bluetooth speaker after spending nearly three years working on it.

As you'd expect with anything made by Ted Baker, they come with quirky names – this time they're named after parts of the Shipping Forecast – the Rockall, Dover and Fastnet.

Perhaps most impressively, it isn't another company's product with the Ted Baker brand licensed – these were developed in house by the company itself.

Its over-the-ear headphones fold, come with detachable cables and are available in a range of colours – in particular brown, black and white. To be fair, they look very snazzy with a retro design that really fits in with Ted Baker's style. The Dover in-ear headphones come in a similar variety of colours.

Ted Baker also unveiled a Bluetooth speaker – the Fastnet. It comes with brushed metal build that reminds us a lot of traditional cameras. In keeping with the retro-charm, it comes with physical buttons and dials for everything.

Inside, the Fastnet speaker comes with a 5cm driver. It can also double up as a speaker phone and offers a 3.5mm connection.

According to Ted Baker, you should get around six hours playtime from the speaker between charges.

“Ted Baker Audio is a real labour of love for the company, one that has been nearly three years in development,” a spokesperson for the company told T3.

“Ted has not just slapped it name on someone else's product, but built its own models from the ground up. Ted has worked with award-winning acoustic experts to create products with genuine hi-fi sound.”

You can find more information on the new range right here.

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