Tangerine come out swinging with a 2 week home internet free trial, no set up fees and no contract for new customers

From just AU$44.90 a month you can dip your toes in speedy waters.

Tangerine Telecom deals banner
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With Australian infrastructure finally getting to the point of most other countries 10 years ago, a competitive edge is building amongst telcos. Tangerine is hitting hard and fast with this belter of an offer for new customers signing up to their network. 

For the first six months of any new contract they’ll knock AU$15 off of the monthly price, meaning you’ll be paying between AU$44.90 and 94.90/m for 6 months before reverting back to standard prices of AU$59.90 to AU$109.90 .

Combining unlimited data, $0 set up fee and 25-205mbps speed, this is one of the best offers for value and speed currently available. The best part of it all? No lock-in contract! If it’s not working out at any point you’re able to up and leave with no repercussions. 

If you’re looking to compare these speeds with the one you’re currently running on, we can recommend Speedtest by Ookla for a direct comparison with your current internet speed. For context: 25mbps, while cheap, will tend to fall short of most multi-person household needs, but anything from 50mbps upwards has the capacity to handle 4 people and 5-7 devices. 

A point to be aware of – the standard pricing does not include a modem, and Tangerine offers a series of modems and routers ranging from AU$149.90 - AU$399.90 depending on your need for Wi-Fi coverage. If you want to instead provide your own you’re able to do so for no cost, but there will be limited support from Tangerine in setting it up. 

If you’re a computing gun with a big home to cover, have a gander at our best mesh wi-fi lists to sort your home out to your exact specifications.

Rian Howlett
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