T3 Quick Hit: Men, stand by. It's here: the SEVEN-bladed Dorco Classic razor

Straight of South Korea – the world capital of male grooming –with seven f**king blades. SEVEN!

Remember when the Gillette Mach 3 was the state of the art in male grooming?

Since then, the razor blade arms race has seen the mainstream brands edge their way to five blade super shavers, but now Dorca has aced them all with the Classic: a grooming product with SEVEN whole blades ready to shave the living sh*t out of your face, rendering it as baby smooth as a cue ball. We hope.

'Angled blade' technology gives the Dorco Classic 'slimmer, denser blades' which supposedly reduces skin irritation.  

An open structure design enables easy rinsing, helping to keep blades sharper for longer.  

The triumph of steel is not all this miracle product brings, however. 

A 'Honeycomb Guard Bar' with soft rubber surface allows effortless gliding over skin, adapting to the contours of your face. An advanced lubricating strip is dosed up with antioxidants from Argan oil, while Calendula extract, whatever that is, helps sooth sensitive and dry skin, and heal razor burns. Obviously, the strip also helps the SEVEN blades glide more easily over your skin.

Making life even easier for you, the Dorco Classic aligns with the Dorco patented Common Docking System, enabling you to swap any Dorco 3 Plus, 4 or 6 Plus handles or razor with each other.  

South Korea famously has the most lucrative male grooming market in the world, as everyone who lives there is a wealthy and preening meterosexual. Take a leaf out of their book and smarten yourself up.

Otherwise, nobody will ever want to have sex with you. It's that simple.

Order the Dorco Classic from Dorco’s UK online shop at www.razorsbydorco.co.uk Pricing starts at £8.74 and there’s free shipping for orders over a tenner.

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln has been writing for T3 for over half a decade now, covering everything from mobile phones and laptops right through to video games and gaming peripherals. Purveyor of an excellent beard, as well as some perpetually cheeky offspring, Dom likes to wind down in his spare time by listening to heavy metal.