T3 Quick Hit: HuskeeCup: at last, a coffee mug made of ACTUAL COFFEE

Eco-friendly drinking vessel also boasts special grooves to help incorporate milk into your coffee more pleasingly

Love a damn fine cup of coffee, of a morning? Want to drink your ground beans and hot water in a cup that's more stylish, more eco-friendly, and designed to mix the milk into the coffee better? 

Oh, and how about it being made from actual coffee. You want a HuskeeCup then, you big hipster.

The design of the HuskeeCup isn't only distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. The outer fins reduce heat loss, so the cup remains cool to the touch, and also help water run off faster when it's washed, saving precious tea-towelling-off time.

Made from the processed husks of actual coffee beans, HuskeeCup also claims to keep your coffee hotter for longer, and to blend milk into your coffee or tea 'more efficiently', whatever that means.

Not only that, but its range of sizes all fit the same bespoke Universal Saucer – also made from coffee husk, naturally. Huskee is also developing a universal lid for all cup sizes.

Coffee husk is produced when the drying beans are milled, down on the farm. It turns out it  has superior thermal retention to ceramic, is durable, low-impact ecologically, and even dishwasher friendly. 

6oz (180ml), 8oz (240ml) & 12oz (360ml) HuskeeCups (plus that all-important Universal Saucer) are available via Kickstarter, starting at AU$39 (about £24).

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln has been writing for T3 for over half a decade now, covering everything from mobile phones and laptops right through to video games and gaming peripherals. Purveyor of an excellent beard, as well as some perpetually cheeky offspring, Dom likes to wind down in his spare time by listening to heavy metal.