T3 Awards verdict is in: Cobra MX3440V is the lawnmower of the summer

T3 Awards 2019 Best lawn mower sponsored by AEG: Put your sward to the sword with this effortless cordless mower

T3 Awards 2019: Best lawn mower: Cobra MX3440V

The best lawn mowers for most people, these days, are cordless lawn mowers and as far as the T3 Awards 2019 are concerned, the current pinnacle of battery lawnmowers, for small- to medium-sized gardens, is Cobra's new MX3440V. It's the #1 Best lawn mower (sponsored by AEG).

Coming in at under £200, and built here in the UK, Cobra's latest and greatest cordless mower is efficient, well made and has a battery life of 40 minutes that is easily enough for most British domestic lawns, and smaller village greens.

The top cordless mowers are the best solution for average-size lawns as they can go anywhere, don't require you to pour petrol through a funnel and, nowadays, have easily enough power to get the job done. We've been recommending them over their petrol and corded brethren for years now, and the Cobra MX3440V is the new ruler in this market.

The Cobra is lightweight and the 34cm cutting deck and a 35-litre fabric grass collector are both perfectly sized for mobility. However, they're also sufficient to handle most people's home turf. Easy to carry and store, it’s also commendably quiet.

The Cobra is adjustable between five cutting heights, spanning 25mm to 75mm, via a nifty little lever that raises and lowers the entire body. The main handle is also collapsible, with quick-release clips instead of awkward screw threads. 

Look, it's a lawn mower. They're not meant to be sexy or exciting; they're meant to cut your grass efficiently, then vanish back into the shed. No mower does those things better, for the money, than the Cobra MX3440V. 

Duncan Bell

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