T3 Awards 2020: The Xiaomi M365 is crowned the top electric scooter you can buy

An excellent balance between weight, range, speed and price, the Xiaomi M365 is the best electric scooter you can buy

T3 Awards 2020: The Xiaomi M365 is crowned the top electric scooter you can buy
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

As a ‘last-mile solution’, there’s probably nothing better than an electric scooter. They're the perfect personal transport method if you want to reduce your commuting time and avoid public transport.

Of course, electric scooters are also incredibly fun, and there's nothing more thrilling than zipping along with the wind your face.

The market has been massively growing in popularity recently, and its seen a huge growth in the number of brands and models available. That has made choosing a winner of the T3 Award for Best Electric Scooter a very difficult task.

There are a number of excellent entries, from the sleek and sexy Unagi Model One E450, to the do-it-all Segway-Ninebot ES4.

There can only be one winner, however, and that's the Xiaomi Mijia M365.

Although Xiaomi is better known for its flagship smartphones in the UJ, the M365 proves the company is equally adept at creating an excellent electric scooter. 

We gave the T3 Awards to the Xiaomi M365 as it's the best all-rounder out there, combining great performance, range, portability, and price.

We found the Xiaomi M365 speed and acceleration controls incredibly simple, meaning anyone can learn to ride in minutes, and the lightweight aluminium construction means you can easily fold it down for transportation and storage. 

And while the top speed of 15mph isn't the highest out there, this folding electric scooter has some of the best app connectivity features we've seen. 

As well as tracking your journeys and just how fast you've barrelled down those hills, you can get a quick look at how much of the scooter battery still remains. The M365 smart scooter app also brings advanced battery conservation features, meaning you could eke out an extra mile or two if you're clever about how you use it, and the F1-like KERS setup means the battery charges as you brake.

At the end of the day, it's excellent value for money, and that's why the Xiaomi M365 won the T3 Award.

Full shortlist: Segway-Ninebot ES4, Xiaomi Mijia M365, Unagi Model One E450 Dual Motor, Turboant X7, E-Micro Micro Falcon X3

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