Survey finds the majority of Brits are angry from tiredness – here’s how to fix it

‘Tangry’ is the new ‘Hangry’, according to new sleep survey

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Ever felt so tired that you start lashing out at friends, family and co-workers? Well, that could be a sign that you’re tired and angry or ‘tangry’, according to new research.

Aside from eating well, exercising and other wellness activities, sleep is one of the most important ways to look after your physical and mental health. But even with the best mattress to get comfortable on, sleep is often the most overlooked aspect within our day-to-day life.

To look into the UK’s sleep habits, Bensons For Beds recently conducted a survey and found that the UK is in the grip of a tiredness epidemic. The survey looked at the habits of 2,000 Brits and found that nine in 10 suffer from ‘tangry’ behaviour, with an overwhelming number of people stating that they struggle with extreme mood swings due to a lack of sleep.

The results of the survey were truly eye-opening with 30% of people in the study saying they constantly row with their partner, swear and cry excessively because they’re feeling exhausted and worn-out. When the survey participants were asked about how they felt when they wake up in the morning, 43% reported that they always felt tired whereas only 15% responded that they felt happy. 

Other results found that 49% of people said ‘tangriness’ made them overreact with 43% complaining more often, and 14% struggling to string a sentence together. After conducting further research, Bensons For Beds compiled a list of 25 'tangry' symptoms, including yawning, forgetfulness, lack of patience, blinking too much, tripping and outbursts. 

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When looking at the results of the survey, Bensons For Beds spoke to Dr Sophie Bostock, Innovation Lead at Big Health and NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow to ask about the UK’s ‘sleep epidemic’. In response, Dr Bostock said “Our sleep, wellbeing and behaviour are intimately linked. A lack of sleep can alter the emotional control centres of the brain, making us more sensitive to stress, and reducing self-control.”

Dr Bostock went on to say that “this survey is a valuable reminder that many of us can feel like a different person when we are sleep deprived and can lash out in ways we later regret.” With this in mind, Dr Bostock and Bensons For Beds put together ‘Sleep Calm and Carry On’, a six-step programme that teaches about the importance of sleep and how to improve your habits for a better night’s sleep.

As someone who’s covered sleep and wellness on T3 for several years, I know how important it is to prioritise your sleep. A few things I always stick to in order to get a good night’s rest is to stick to the rules of good sleep hygiene, including avoiding caffeine too close to bed, having a strict nighttime routine and avoiding screens.

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