Meet the real-world and online replacements for your wallet

Stratos and Dashlane promise to do away with your credit cards for good

Apple Pay might bring credit card payments to your phone, but it's not the only new way to pay. Now we have a real-world and an online replacement for your wallet. You'll never have to fumble for the right card again.

First up is Stratos. It's a credit card that can store all the info from your other cards to act as a one-stop shop for all your payment needs. It can be your credit and debit cards, library card, gym pass, and basically any card with a stripe. The only thing it can't do is double as your Oyster card, as it doesn't have the requisite RFID tech. Though the firm is working on that.

Despite its smart skills, it's the same size as a regular credit card and just as flexible.

It doesn't have your credit card number on the front and can be set to lock down if you lose it. It's available in the US now, though – as with Apple Pay – there's no word on when it'll reach these shores.

Dashlane is the equivalent for online. It keeps track of your passwords so you can log in automatically to every site you visit, and saves all your credit cards and receipts in your digital wallet. It also takes screen grabs of your purchases, so you know exactly what you've bought. Handy for those post-pub, 'I'll just have a quick look on Amazon' times.

It locks automatically and is encrypted, so no one will see your info. It's available now as an app for iOS and Android.

Excellent. Now all we have to worry about is not spending too much.

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