Step aside virtual reality: Zappar thinks AR is king

Ready your smartphone, aim, zap and watch everyday products come to life, with the added bonus of no clunky headsets!

Being able to play and interact with everyday products with tech seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. Augmented reality is now hitting children's books, iPhone cases and more. The most exciting part, you can start building experiences now.

If you fancy a go at creating the augmented reality for your own pleasure or business, you can now download the 'zapcode creator' on your computer and start to turn your everyday products into pieces of augmented reality.

You could theoretically zap your table at home and turn it into a zoo with collectable animals. Although pretty complex to do, tutorials on Youtube are available to take you through the process.

The scope of augmented reality technology is limitless. Zappar have taken a simplistic adventure book titled, 'The Adventure Suit” as a glimmer of what this tech can do to static images.

The story revolves around a bored kid who makes a suit to fly off into outer space who battles all manner of creatures such as fire-breathing dragons. As you flick through each page the book quite simply comes to life, enabling you to choose outfits for your character and even go on your own little dragon fighting conquest.

This sort of tech is even creeping into everyday products such as iPhone cases, which when zapped displays a bunny that you can have a ferocious game of tennis with.

Casper Thykier also said: “Augmented reality has been around for 40 years, just not many people have tapped into it. With Zappar we've proven that you can take a simple concept such as an adventure book and turn into something quite special.”

Some books are left better on the page rather than brought to life. We just hope that when augmented reality hits adult books it isn't Fifty Shades of Grey. That would be incredibly creepy.