Steam through your washing with LG’s super-smart Steam washing machines

With thanks to, and its great delivery service, getting to grips with LG’s cutting-edge cleaning tech has just been made a whole lot easier

With the advent of smart homes truly becoming adaptable to our annually upgraded tech lifestyles, it's good to know there's an online retailer that can handle the advanced needs when it comes time for washing clothes. With the return from that weekend festival or seriously overdue holiday, a machine that goes the distance is just what we're after.   

Thankfully, with brilliant customer service, free delivery and wide selection of electrical goods, has quality machines by the load (no pun) - and there's none more innovative, and highly recommended, than the LG Steam range. 

'Going hard on dirt but easy on your fabrics' may seem like a battle cry, but understanding how LG's Steam washing machines use water and heat to create a super disinfecting system, presents validation to the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval it was recently awarded. The heater at the bottom of a drum heats up the water to 75°C and efficiently removes up to 99.9% of allergens from clothes. 

That’s not all. On top of Steam technology, LG also has TrueSteam™ technology, which not only removes up to 99% of allergens from clothes, but can also refresh clothes in just 20 minutes without using any chemicals and is absolutely brilliant for baby clothes and anybody with sensitive skin.

These technological highlights are only a hint of its advancements. It does things faster, too. LG’s TurboWash™ can do a regular wash in just 59 minutes. That doesn’t just save you tons of time; it massively reduces energy and water usage as well. 

For whatever you’re washing, the results are stunning thanks to what LG calls “6 Motion DD”, a direct drive drum that moves the load in multiple directions to deliver the whitest whites and most vivid colours without harming even the most delicate fabrics - with less vibration and less noise. LG’s so proud, it offers an accompanying ten-year warranty with the range.

Sock it to ‘em

Machines such as the LG F4J7JY2W are stuffed with cutting-edge tech, but they also know that sometimes we forget to pack everything into the wash: whether it’s an odd sock or tonight’s must-wear top, we’ve all started a wash only to discover we’ve missed something out and can’t add it in. Not with the LG. Just press pause to make the cycle stop and the door unlock. And because it’s got a massive 10Kg capacity, you don’t need to wash as often as with smaller machines. Brilliant.

Is there an app? You bet there’s an app. Many models in the LG Steam range features LG’s innovative Smart ThinQ™ with Wi-Fi, which is designed to make your day even easier. It’s got Smart Remote Control so you can do your laundry any time, anywhere. You can download 20 additional wash programmes to cover every conceivable kind of clothing. And with Smart Diagnosis™ you can quickly troubleshoot minor issues to prevent them becoming big headaches.

LG’s Steam range starts making you happy before it’s even delivered. If you order from Their Price promise guarantees that you’re getting the best possible price, and you don’t need to worry about delivery times that don’t suit: you can have next day delivery or if you prefer, pick a time and date up to 6 weeks in the future. delivers seven days a week and will text you on the morning of your delivery with a 4-hour window. You can track every stage of the delivery with’s superb app. And with an Excellent rating on Trust Pilot based on over 100,000 reviews, you can be sure you’re dealing with a firm that cares about their customers and delivers exceptional customer service: in the unlikely event of any issues, there’s a UK call centre ready to help.

Everything is easier

LG’s Steam range is a superb example of how smarter appliances can make our everyday lives better. The Steam technology cleans better, eliminates more allergens and is more energy and water efficient than other machines, and 6 Motion DD is more effective, providing less vibration, and a much quieter performance than traditional motors.

To find out more about how LG Steam can make your clothes cleaner than you ever imagined, check it out on here.

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