Iron Man VR developer might be working with Sony again on a PSVR sequel

Job listings from Camouflaj suggest a new triple-A game for PSVR 2

Iron Man VR
(Image credit: Sony / Camouflaj)

While the launch of PSVR 2 is likely not to happen until 2022, new information is always surfacing about upcoming projects from VR developers, giving us an indication of who might be working on games for the new device. Today, we can see that the developer behind Iron Man VR, Camouflaj, is currently recruiting for a new "next exciting AAA project". 

There are nine vacancies currently available on the site, including the likes of concept artist, gameplay engineer, technical sound designer, animation leader, and more. The majority of jobs listed request "experience with VR" which makes sense considering the studio is predominantly known for creating titles for the platform.

As originally spotted by UploadVR, these new roles do seem to point to a new PSVR 2 game being in the works. This could be a sequel to Iron Man VR (something Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton previously showed interest in) with the shooter doing relatively well in terms of critical reception – most notably, being nominated for Best VR/AR at The Game Awards back in 2020. It's also a big flashy IP that would be a good draw for people considering picking one up. Sony does love its Marvel exclusives too. 

PlayStation VR has sold more than five million units since launching in October 2016. Sony will be expecting to grow that user base and what better way than some major exclusives. Personally, until PSVR 2 launches and removes most of the wires, I would need some big names to get me back in. Horizon, God of War, a full Spidey game? Designed for PS5 as well could really be a game-changer. Come on, Sony!

T3 has reached out to Camouflaj to find out more information. If anyone is actually interested in applying for any of these roles, you can find them on the US studio's website. In the meantime, head on over to the official T3 PSVR 2 hub to find out all the latest details on the rumoured release date, price, games, specs, and more.  

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