How much time have YOU spent on your PlayStation 4? Find out your top statistics with all-new My PS4 Life

Try not to judge too harshly ...

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Sony is celebrating five years of the PlayStation 4 by allowing players to relive their gaming highlights with a new feature known as My PS4 Life.

The feature creates a unique video which highlights the first PlayStation 4 game that fired-up on your home console, how many hours you've spent playing in total, as well as your top three most played titles – and the hours spent on each of them.

Sony will also flag-up the rarest trophy that you have obtained.

The feature is similar to the Year In Review functionality rolled-out by a slew of different social networks, including Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram.

If you want to check your PS4 statistics, simply head over to My PS4 Life and sign-in with your PlayStation account to automatically generate the clip. It takes a few minutes to gather the statistics and animate the clip, but if you're in a hurry then you don't have to request the video to be emailed to you within 24 hours.

It's worth noting that the website automatically signs you up for marketing emails when you ask to be sent the clip when it's ready, so make sure you untick all the tick-boxes if you're gunning for that option.

To highlight what the finished product looks like Sony has created an example video with cumulative statistics of PS4 players worldwide. Check it out below ~

Lead Image Credit: Norbert Levajsics / Unsplash

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