Sonos speakers on sale for up to $250 off today at Amazon

Save up to 30% on Sonos outdoor, home, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, amplifiers and more for a limited time

sonos speakers on sale
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Amazon is running some impressive deals on Sonos speakers today, with deals on their popular outdoor, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers as well as amplifiers. With discounts upwards of 30% off select models, there are a few Sonos speakers deals that are well worth a look.

The most impressive deal – $250 off the Sonos Outdoor speakers – offers an incredible pair of architectural speakers for over 30% off. Those out there with the Sonos Amp can get sweet backyard sound system setup at a great price. If you don't own the amp, however, you can save $100 on the Sonos Amp as part of these Sonos speaker deals at Amazon.

If an indoor setup is what you're after, there's also a solid deal on a pair if in-wall speakers as well. Now 25% off, shoppers can grab the Sonos In-Wall speakers on sale for just $449.99. You'll still need to grab the Sonos Amp (or other amplifier of your choosing) to use them, but the added savings still gets you a nice sound system setup for a few hundred dollars off.

You'll also find a decent deal on the Sonos Five wireless speaker, which for the price isn't a terrible offer. In T3's Sonos Five review, we gave this high fidelity speaker a full five star rating. A modest $30 off, you can grab the Sonos Five on sale for $549. While definitely one of the best wireless speakers out there, the discount is a bit on the smaller side and may be worth skipping if you're not in dire need of a new wireless speaker.

You'll find all of Sonos speaker deals at Amazon below, but you can head over to the Sonos Store at Amazon for all Sonos deals happening right now.

Sonos Speaker Deals

Sonos Amp:

Sonos Amp: was $749, now $699 ($50 off)
Hook up all of your wired audio devices to the Sonos Amp to customize your setup. You can also easily hook up a pair of Sonos One surround sound speakers wirelessly.

Sonos Outdoor Speakers by Sonance:

Sonos Outdoor Speakers by Sonance: was $799, now $548.40 (31% off)
Grab a seriously nice pair of architectural outdoor speakers at one of their lowest prices ever. Rugged housing, durable build quality and incredible sound playback make them a perfect backyard addition.

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers by Sonance:

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers by Sonance: was $599, now $409.99 (32% off)
Get full 360 surround sound by adding a pair of in-ceiling and in-wall speaker into the mix. Now just over $185 off, this is a great buy on the Sonos in-ceiling speakers.

Sonos In-Wall Speakers by Sonance:

Sonos In-Wall Speakers by Sonance: was $599, now $449.99 (25% off)
Upgrade the home theater setup or just install some nice home in-wall speakers for music with this $100 discount on the Sonos In-Wall speakers.  Sleek design with a slim profile make them fit in with just about every homes style.

Sonos Five High Fidelity Wireless Speaker (Black):

Sonos Five High Fidelity Wireless Speaker (Black): was $589, now $549 ($30 off)
A great wireless speaker for smart home assistants, music and more, the Sonos Five delivers smart stereo sound in a compact package. It also features line-in capabilities for non-wireless audio devices, too.

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