Sofia Vergara gets serious in the new Netflix crime series from Narcos team

They've done it again

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A lot of people may only know Sofia Vergara from her stupendous portrayal of Gloria in Modern Family, but one needs only watch the trailer for her upcoming Netflix show to see she can do serious as well as silly. From the team behind another drug drama, Narcos comes Griselda

Hitting the streaming service on the 25th of January, the limited series sees Vergara in the titular role as Griselda Blanco, a real-life Colombian drug lord who operated in Miami in the 1970s and 80s. Known as the Cocaine Godmother. She was a real 'Queenpin' with her network at one point earning over $80million a month. 

The trailer for the series shows Vergara as almost unrecognisable not just because of her serious demeanour but also physically. She sports some unique facial prosthetics but seems to be on top form in the teaser, speaking with both an American accent and then also in Spanish and English with a Colombian accent (where Vergara is of course also from).

In the preview, we are first faced with Blanco on trial for her crimes before flashing back to her origins in Miami and her struggles to achieve success in the drug underworld. Moving from Medellin to Miami amid the infamous Cocaine Cowboy Wars ain't easy at the best of times but Griselda also brings along her three sons who she loves dearly. Also starring in the series is a world-famous Colombian singer... not Shakira but Karol G.

Of course with the creators of Narcos aboard, there's really no easier sell out there. They have already demonstrated they know the subject matter and can make an excellent show out of it. Narcos currently boasts a 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and I expect Griselda, if everything goes as it seems, will be near that figure too. 

If you can't quite wait until the 25th then there's no shortage of quality movies to fill the gap on both Netflix and Prime Video right now and the trailer for another Netflix crime series has also just dropped. 

Andy Sansom
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