Sleep experts share exact date you should change to a warmer duvet this winter

Feeling the chill? It could be time to switch to a warmer duvet

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There’s a distinct chill in the air which means the colder months are officially here. As the weather has taken a turn, it could be time to switch from your light summer bedding to your warmer and thicker winter duvet. 

Personally, I think there’s nothing worse than feeling cold when you’re trying to get to sleep, despite the fact that experts have found that sleeping in a cold room is better for you. But if you’re like me and hate being cold, especially when you’re in bed, it could be time to switch to a warmer duvet.

To keep warm during the autumn and winter months, choosing one of the best duvets with a high tog rating can keep you nice and toasty warm while you sleep. But when should you make the switch? And do you really need to swap to a warmer duvet? I spoke to sleep and bedding experts at Happy Beds to find out more.

When should I switch to a warmer duvet?

Last year, I found the exact date that you should be switching to a warmer duvet. Looking at monthly weather reports from the Met Office and usual weather routines, experts found that the exact date to swapping their duvet tog was Sunday 25th September 2022.

Judging from these stats and in keeping with last year’s dates, it seems we should already have swapped to a thicker duvet. Happy Beds have even found that cities in the North of England (Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds) should have changed their duvet on 12th October with the South of England (Brighton, Bristol and London) opting to switch on 24th October.

However, September and October have been unseasonably warm this year, particularly in the UK. At the start of October, we were treated to a mini heatwave, so having a high tog duvet around this time would have been too sweaty and uncomfortable Now that it’s starting to feel cold, I think the time to switch to a warmer duvet could be Sunday 29th October which just so happens to be the day the clocks go back.

Regardless, if you’re going to bed feeling cold, it’s a good sign that you should choose a higher duvet tog (see our duvet size guide for how to pick the right autumn/winter duvet).

3 reasons you should switch to a warmer duvet

When should I change to a warmer duvet? sleep & wellness tips

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So, why should you switch to a warmer duvet this month? Other than the obvious reason of keeping warm while you sleep, experts at Happy Beds have put forward a few other reasons why you should make the switch.

Bacteria in your summer duvet

The summer months are hot hot hot, and you’re more likely to sweat in your sleep. According to Happy Beds, the average person sweats approximately 700 millilitres a night during the hotter months which adds up to 64.4 litres of sweat accumulated by your duvet in the summer… ew! If you ever needed a reason to swap your duvet, this is your sign to clean your duvet and switch to thicker bedding for a warm and fresh night’s sleep.

Thicker duvets help regulate temperature

Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night is imperative to a good night’s sleep. Our body temperature gradually increases throughout the day to keep us awake and alert before it decreases as we prepare for sleep. Happy Beds experts state that because of this, “a thicker duvet helps your body maintain this delicate balance, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep in autumn and winter.”

Having a warmer bed can save you money

Buying a separate duvet for a specific season might seem like an unnecessary expense. But, having a duvet for autumn/winter can save you money in the long-run as “you’ll be warmer in bed and reduce your reliance on your heating, saving energy and lowering your utility bills.”

However, if you don’t want to buy two duvets, you can choose an all-season duvet like the Scooms Hungarian Goose Down duvet, which is a combination of two duvets with a 9 tog and a 4.5 tog ratings. The two duvets can be used individually for each season or you can use them together to make a 13.5 tog duvet for cosy winter sleeping. Alternatively, you can choose one of the best electric blankets for extra heat while you sleep.

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