Sky TV customers just got a great free music upgrade

An Amazon Music app is finally available on Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Q

A promo shot for the Amazon Music app on Sky TV, featuring two artist on a white background
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky TV has undergone a fairly substantial change of late. Gone are the days of the iconic satellite dish mounted on your stone cladding – these days, products like Sky Glass and Sky Stream mean you can enjoy all the benefits of a Sky package streamed over WiFi.

And that's not all. From today, the Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Q platforms will all benefit from an official Amazon Music app, for all their music listening needs. Simply use the voice control on your device and ask for Amazon Music, or search for it manually in the apps rail.

Users can access a selection of playlists on the free to use, ad-supported tier, meaning everyone can use the Amazon Music app right away. Users with an Amazon Prime subscription can go one step further, with over 100 million ad-free songs to listen to in shuffle mode. That's a part of your existing subscription, so you won't need to pay any extra for it. Anyone subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited can get access to the same collection of over 100 million songs, ad-free and with total control over their playback. 

It's a great addition to the Sky TV package. While there is at least something for everyone, thanks to the free tier of Amazon Music, many will get far more than that. I'd wager that the Amazon Music portion of a Prime subscription is among the most under-utilised – people just don't realise that they get it included.

I've used Amazon Music extensively in the past, and I can honestly say that it's worth every penny. Okay, the interface isn't as slick as Spotify, but that's a small gripe. Aside from that, you get a fantastic library of music that integrates seamlessly with devices in your home – now including your TV!

Sam Cross
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