Sky TV and NOW get a boost with Batman show starring Colin Farrell coming this year

The Penguin will be shown exclusively on Sky TV and NOW later this year

Colin Farrell stars in The Penguin
(Image credit: Sky TV)
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A new series is coming to Sky TV and NOW.

The brands have just confirmed the arrival of a new eight-part series later this year, which follows on from 2022's The Batman.

We're really blessed with great TV these days. While the advent of streaming services isn't entirely responsible for that, it's fair to say that the abundance of options for both viewers and producers has made great TV way more accessible.

That is showing no signs of slowing down. From the so-bad-it's-good movies on Netflix, to sci-fi hits on Apple TV, there is something for every viewer on offer.

For Batman aficionados, there's a great new show coming to Sky TV and NOW. The Penguin follows on from 2022's The Batman. Colin Farrell and Cristin Milioti head up the cast, as Oswald Cobblepot (Farrell) sets out to seize the reins of the crime world in Gotham.

Speaking about the launch, Sky's Director of Acquisitions and Strategic Projects, Lucy Criddle, said, "The Penguin is an outstanding addition to our growing comic slate of films and series. With the grimy world of Gotham City amidst chaos, the story continues The Batman epic crime saga and I’m excited to see Farrell take this iconic character to new heights."

The eight-part series will be exclusively shown on Sky and NOW in the UK. What's more, those of us watching on this side of the Atlantic won't be disadvantaged. That's because the same episodes will be shown here at the same time as they are in the USA.

That's great news for fans. Usually, differing release schedules mean those of us in the UK have a gargantuan task to avoid spoilers between the release abroad and here.

There's currently no confirmed timeframe for the series to launch. However, we do know that it will be later on in 2024, so that's something. We'd expect further details to be announced in the coming months.

That means you've still got time to sign up for either Sky or NOW before the season starts. Check out the widget below for the best prices right now.

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