Apple TV's newest sci-fi hit gets a trailer for its next chapter

Dark Matter looks like a hit

Dark Matter
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's thrown plenty of marketing budget behind its latest sci-fi hit, Dark Matter, and a newly released teaser suggests the rest of the season is going to take us to some crazy places. 

Since the show debuted with just a couple of episodes and is only just getting its fourth this week, there's a lot more ground to cover as it races through a weekly release schedule.

The series follows Joel Edgerton's Jason Dessen – a physicist who gets violently confronted by the possibilities of parallel universes when he's abducted while walking home one night. 

The opening couple of episodes are moody enough and set up the core questions that we're probably going to be chewing on as the show unfolds – and it's also becoming clearly just how perilous things are going to get for various characters.

Jason's wife and son, for one thing, are now living in the presence of a version of Jason that they don't realise is new to their world, and most likely not benevolent in his intentions.

Jason himself, meanwhile, is in an even more troubling position as he tries to work out how he can ever get home to the wife and child he actually knows – and whether he'll be allowed to do so. 

With different versions of his world mired in climate disaster and post-apocalyptic ruin, it looks like we're going to visit more than just a couple of other timelines as we skip through the rest of Dark Matter – if we're lucky.

Rotten Tomatoes might be an imperfect measure when a TV show hasn't yet finished its season, but Dark Matter has debuted to a noticeably impressive 80% score from critics, which will doubtless have some suits at Apple smiling at their spreadsheets. 

We're starting to feel like a broken record every time we bring it up, but this really does underline the fact that Apple TV+ is now the best streaming service bar none for science-fiction fans. 

The tech giant won't stop greenlighting interesting, conceptual shows like Foundation, Silo, Severance and now Dark Matter, among others – so if you want your fix of big ideas, you know where to go. 

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