Sky Superfast broadband deal is a high-speed, low-cost internet champion

This broadband deal from Sky delivers Superfast average internet speeds for a discounted price point

Sky Broadband deals
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For anyone currently looking to upgrade their internet connection this broadband deal from Sky is well worth checking out. That's because the TV, broadband and mobile supplier currently has 30 per cent cut off the cost of its Superfast internet package.

The Superfast connection delivers an average download speed of 59Mb/s, which easily crushes what you need to stream 4K, HDR content from Netflix, download large files, and use your broadband for intensive multiplayer gaming sessions on Xbox One X or PS4 Pro without lag or connection drops.

If you're already a Sky customer, then this deal is absolutely something you should consider, as it may offer the perfect speed upgrade for you. And, if you aren't, then it presents a really competitive broadband package that you should still checkout as few suppliers are offering anything like this in terms of value right now.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

| Now: £25 p/m | Set-up cost: £19.95 | Contract length: 18 months | Available now at Sky

Sky Superfast Broadband | Average download speed: 59Mb/s | Was: £37 p/m | Now: £25 p/m | Set-up cost: £19.95 | Contract length: 18 months | Available now at Sky | Tel: 0800 014 2334
Sky has currently got 30% cut off its Superfast broadband cost, meaning that instead of paying £37 per month for a connection with an average download speed of 59Mb/s, you now only have to spend £25 per month. There is a one-time £19.95 setup charge, but after that its a cheap, unlimited fibre broadband deal.

For even more great broadband packages, be sure to check out T3' authoritative broadband deals comparison tool below, which allows you to filter all the very best and cheapest offers available today. What's especially clever about the tool is that you can enter your postcode to immediately see what broadband speeds and deals you can get in your area. You can quickly and clearly see which offer is right for you.

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