10 best Sky and Now TV shows that are brilliantly binge-worthy

Sky and Now have a huge selection of TV shows available on demand, here are our 10 favourites

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Whether you're a full Sky subscriber with every channel under the sun, or a careful Now user, picking and choosing your subscriptions according to taste, there are loads of shows between the two services that shouldn't be missed.

From the latest US dramas to a back catalogue of excellent material, there's something to suit almost any viewer, whether you have Sky Glass, Sky Stream, Sky Q or access to the Now streaming service.

That's why we've gathered 10 of the very best options available now for you to binge.

True Detective

The latest season of True Detective is the creepy crime procedural's fourth, and the most critically acclaimed since that amazing debut season starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

This time around it's Jodie Foster who's the most recognisable, but it's a true return to form – and all four seasons of the show are available through both Sky and Now.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm

All great eras must come to an end, and Curb's run has been a stellar one. It has endured for years, cementing Larry David's place in the comedy pantheon in the process. Can any of us now really say where Larry David the man ends, and Larry David the character begins?

The show is about to finally end after a total of 12 seasons, and you can catch all 11 previous seasons on Now right now if you want to catch up on the cringe.

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The Sopranos

HBO's era of peak prestige TV wasn't necessarily in full swing when The Sopranos started, but it very much was by the time it ended – many people call it the finest show ever made. 

This peerless mob drama isn't really about violence and extortion so much as it is a wide array of deep and believable characters – although there are plenty of moments of extreme tension to sink into. It's a family drama, a crime procedural, and a study of ego all rolled into one. 

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Some people pick this out as the finest limited series ever made – all five episodes of Chernobyl will stay with you for a very long time, full of heart-rending moments and people under strain.

Impeccably acted and researched, this recreation of the Chernobyl disaster examines it from all angles and is unsparing in its detail, with some jaw-droppingly affecting scenes.

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Game of Thrones

While it might not have ended quite the way most people hoped, there's no denying that Game of Thrones was one of the most popular and discussed TV shows of all time for a reason, with astonishing production values and a wildly massive cast. 

Some of its middle seasons are incredibly impressive in their boldness – not least how willing they are to slaughter beloved characters. They are also riddled with well-written dialogue and murky moments. It's a grand saga that's still fun to rewatch.

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The Office (US)

While it might be heavily associated with Netflix from a streaming point of view, you can actually watch the whole of the US version of The Office with a Now Entertainment pass.

What a show it is, too - comforting and hilarious, with a cast of misfits and oddballs that you'll love by the time its touching finale finally rolls around. It made stars out of multiple actors, making it a great watch, especially if you've never given it a try after the UK version. 

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The Wire

The original version of a show that made you look smart just for watching it, The Wire's multi-season run was a brilliant look into crime and society in the US.

From local drug dealers to organised crime and police corruption, it ran the rule over so many topics, and did all of it with empathy and considered plotting, making you care about characters you thought you never would, and treating them all with respect. 

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Fresh from another massive load of awards for its final season, for actors and crew alike, there's no time like the present to tuck into Succession, now that it's complete and therefore fully binge-able.

This tale of a family media dynasty wrestling with who should take over from a fading patriarch is unbelievably gripping and hilarious, touching and depressing, and completely essential viewing. It has some of the best deliveries of the best lines in recent TV history. 

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The Last of Us

Taking a show that has only had a single season so far might be a harder sell, but The Last of Us was (is) phenomenally popular and a great adaption of a gripping videogame. 

It tells a post-apocalyptic story of survival and trauma, with constant threats from both fungal zombies and fellow humans, all anchored by terrific performances from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Best of all, it promises much more pain and pathos in seasons to come.

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Boardwalk Empire

Another HBO masterwork, Boardwalk Empire takes some time to get going but once it's up at full speed it's a brilliant slice of TV and has become pretty beloved since it ended. 

It's about American gangsters in the prohibition era trying to make it big by any means necessary, from corruption to semi-legitimate business, and a star-studded cast shines over five really engrossing seasons.

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