Sky Glass wasn't right for me, but Sky's stand-alone Stream puck sounds perfect

A Sky spokesperson confirms to T3 the Sky Stream puck is coming as a standalone product, and I'm excited

Sky Stream puck
(Image credit: Sky)

When I reported on the launch of Sky Glass in October last year I said it was "the iPhone moment for TV", and that I was incredibly excited.

A lot of other people were excited, too, with Sky receiving incredible demand for Sky Glass upon its launch.

However, for me as a Sky Q user who had just invested heavily in a LG C1 4K HDR OLED TV, which is one of the absolute best gaming TVs on the market today, Sky Glass was not the optimal product for me.

I'd already got an industry leading 4K HDR OLED TV and, further, as I live in the countryside and don't have a very fast internet connection, for me sticking with the satellite-packing Sky Q and my TV made most sense.

As such, up until now I've not being able to sample the delights of Sky Glass.

That, though, looks like it going to change shortly, as Sky has just confirmed that its Sky Stream puck is being made available as a standalone product.

For those who aren't in the know, the Sky Stream puck has been available to Sky Glass owners since launch, and allowed them to have a Sky Glass experience but on a non-Sky Glass TV. It could be bought to add multi-room Sky Glass functionality. Up till now you could plug in the puck and get the Sky Glass service and UI on any TV, but only if you already owned a full-blown Sky Glass TV.

Now, though, a Sky spokesperson has confirmed to T3 that the "Sky Stream puck device will be offered as a standalone product later this year".

And, for me, that's great news. It means that the biggest barrier to me jumping on board the Sky Glass train has been removed, as I'll be able to enjoy the Sky Glass on my LG C1 4K HDR OLED TV.

That means I'll be able to enjoy streaming from all my favourite content libraries, including Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+, Sky and more, as well as next-level voice control capabilities, Sky Glass' awesome UI with tailored playlists and show recommendations, as well as Dolby Atmos audio among other cool tech features.

Now, if I can just get more than 36Mbps down from my internet connection I'll be in next-gen streaming TV heaven.

No pricing information or a fixed release date for the Sky Stream puck has been revealed so far by Sky, so T3 will make sure to report back in on this when we know more.

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