Sky Glass and Sky Stream just got these useful new upgrades

These features have been rolled out to all Sky Entertainment OS systems and you'll be able to make use of them right now

Sky Stream
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Sky Glass is the best TV for streaming without the need for a satellite dish, but for those who don't fancy buying a whole new set, the Sky Stream is a brand new Wi-Fi-connected puck that transforms your current TV with a similar experience.

They both use Sky's Entertainment OS which brings you all the perks of live channels, Sky's on-demand content and it comes loaded with all of the most popular streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video and Apple TV+ as well as catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and ITV X. 

Outside of that, one of Sky Entertainment OS's big draws is that it's always improving with new features and updates which improve how you discover new content, save content to watch later and sift through what's available to you. 

Previous updates have added new apps like Spotify or made it so that when you go to watch a show from your playlist it'll take you directly to playback instead of to the description page.

Today, all Sky Glass and Sky Stream users will be able to make use of a few new upgrades. Some are big and some are small but all of them do sweeten the deal and make your experience easier. 



Sky Glass

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Firstly, the playlist is moving. You'll now find it towards the top of the homepage in the category rail, and it'll be the first option, which makes it easier to get to as soon as you turn on the TV. You won't be wasting any time looking for your saved content. 

You'll also get a new Continue Watching rail so you can quickly pick up where you left off with a TV show or movie. Before, this feature was integrated into the playlist.

The Playlist and Continue Watching rails will be ordered by the most recent first but there will be a dedicated Most Recent rail too. Whatever you watched or saved last will be displayed there. Plus, on Sky's showpages, the most recent episodes and sporting events will be shown first. That'll be particularly handy for things like Formula 1 where you'll most likely want to watch the most recent race and not one that happened weeks ago. 

The final update is only available to Sky Glass customers, adding Bluetooth connectivity to the mix so you can watch TV with headphones without disturbing anyone else. 

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