SecretLab MAGNUS, the best gaming desk in the world, is now available in the UK

The world's best gaming desk ever made is now available to buy for UK gamers

SecretLab MAGNUS Metal Desk
(Image credit: SecretLab)

Take one look at T3's best gaming desk buying guide and you'll see one product at its top. And the reason it is the gaming desk we recommend above all others is, as detailed in T3's SecretLab MAGNUS review, is that it is heads and shoulders better than anything else on the market and a genuine game changer for gamers.

Unfortunately, as good as the SecretLab MAGNUS is, which got a maximum of 5 stars on test, it hasn't been available to buy in the UK since its launch earlier this year, with the desk initially only available in the US, EU and Singapore.

The great news though is that has just changed, as the SecretLab MAGNUS is now available to buy in the UK. That means UK gamers can get their hands on "the ultimate gaming table for PC and console gamers".

How good is the MAGNUS? Watch T3's video review below to get the full picture.

What makes the MAGNUS so remarkable is that it is SecretLab's first ever gaming desk, with the maker making its name to date by producing top-rated gaming chairs. Indeed, the SecretLab Titan EVO currently also occupies the number one position in T3's best gaming chairs buying guide, and that chair is available in the USA, Europe and the UK right now, too.

Pair the SecretLab Titan EVO with the SecretLab MAGNUS and you've got the ultimate gaming setup as determined by T3. Seriously, you'll be in gaming heaven.

For more information about the SecretLab MAGNUS head on over to the maker's official website.

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