Searider's electric jet skis have been sent from the future to shred seas in the present

Battery-powered Searacer fuses Robocop styling with speedy EV tech

Searider Searacer
(Image credit: Searider)

We love it when a previously unheard of brand seemingly springs from obscurity and presents jaw-dropping product that is like little else we’ve laid eyes on before. 

Aquatic artisans Searider have done just this, revealing two electric jet skis that not only look fantastic, but offer eye-watering on-water performance figures.

The Searacer is the burgeoning marque's most focussed effort, packing a 45bhp electric propulsion system that will see it hit over 50mph on the wet stuff and run for around 50 minutes before the onboard battery packs require charging.

To make hot-swapping the power source easier, Searider says the battery pack is "universal and removable", referring to the fact it can be used across multiple Searider products (of which there are currently only two) and easily removed on the fly to extend the fun without the lengthy charge times.

Searider Searacer

(Image credit: Searider)

The sharp, angular Searacer takes inspiration from the world of motorsports and weighs just 65kg, according to its maker. Although there is only room for one, so you’ll have to buy a pair if you want to explore the high seas with a friend or love interest.

Searacer is available in three muted colours and costs a staggering €27,950, which is the equivalent of around £24,000/$30,000/AUS$46,000. 

If the budget doesn't quite stretch that far, there's always the Seacruiser, which is styled to look a bit like a vintage Vespa and features "easy handling", alongside a comfortable seating position and lightweight frame for easy manoeuvring.

Searider Seacruiser

(Image credit: Searider)

Alas, the top speed is only around 34mph, although that will likely feel plenty fast enough on the water. However, the running time is extended to 90 minutes and it comes in a number of funky colours.

Unfortunately, you are still looking at a budget of €22,800/£19,500/$25,000/AUS$37,500 to snare a Seacruiser. But if you’re in the market for a cool tender to match your luxury super yacht, that's likely a drop in the ocean.

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