Save up to 30% on the Blink Mini smart camera with Very's early Black Friday deal

This cute security camera is even cuter for under £25

Blink Mini deal Black Friday
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The best Black Friday deals aren't always from the techiest places: home shopping stalwart Very often does some really nice deals on tech too. This great deal on Blink Mini security camera is a great example: the camera was already priced to sell at £34.99, but Very is offering it for just £24.99. That's a saving of 30%.

The Blink Mini is one of the best cheap security camera options around, and at this price it's a really good buy.

Other than the low, low price, "it's the simplicity of the Blink Mini that appeals". That was us in our cheap smart camera guide. "You can be up and running with this in minutes, getting motion alerts direct to your phone and connecting to the live feed whenever you want to, from wherever you are."

Cheap doesn't mean nasty here, and the Blink Mini proves that you don't necessarily need to spend big bucks to get the best security camera setup for your home or work. This deal makes the Blink Mini so cheap you can easily afford to buy multiple ones to completely cover your living space or workspace. Buying more than one will also take you over the threshold for Very's free delivery, which starts at orders worth £30 or more.


Blink Mini | Was £34.99 | Now £24.99 | Save £10 at Very
The Blink Mini security camera was already a really good home security camera, and it's better still with 30% off the usual price. You can use the Blink Mini as a stand-alone camera or as part of a multi-camera network for maximum protection.

Blink is actually owned by Amazon, which means the Blink is perfectly equipped to work with Alexa naturally. That's most useful when it's an Alexa device with a screen, and those happen to also be on offer right now! Amazon's Fire TV Sticks and Echo Show smart displays all have money off, and you can just ask Alexa to show what your Blink camera is seeing in real time.

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