Samsung QLED TV deal: Save £400 in Currys' Black Friday deals

The Samsung Q85T is excellent for movies and TV, and even better for next-gen consoles

Samsung Q85T TV deal Currys Black Friday
(Image credit: Samsung)

Black Friday TV deals are here and it's time to celebrate reductions one of the best PS5 ready TVs with Currys PC World's latest deal. In among the top Currys Black Friday deals, the retailer has reduced the Samsung 55-inch Q85T 4K QLED TV from £1299 to £999 and the Samsung 49-inch Q85T 4K QLED TV from £1299 to £899.

That's a saving of £300 and £400 respectively on two exceptional screens. The addition on the 49-inch reduction is especially welcome, as we now live in a world where too many TV manufacturers have conveniently forgotten we might not all have space for a gargantuan screen. 

Just to be slightly confusing, the Samsung Q85T is very much the same as the Q80T, just with a different cosmetic design so we can refer to our Samsung Q80T review for all of the technical specs and an all-important critical opinion of the picture – we were massively impressed with it, and that was before a series of price drops. 

Picture performance wise, the Q85T makes the most of Samsung's QLED technology to bring everything to life. As our review states, the QLED panel is "natively bright and wondrously colour rich" and  "produces a convincing black level performance, thanks to [its] full array backlight, with local dimming."

•  Samsung 49-inch Q85T QLED | Was £1299 | Now £899 | Save £400 at Currys 
•  Samsung 55-inch Q85T QLED | Was £1299 | Now £999 | Save £300 at Currys 

But then there's the all important support for PS5 and Xbox Series X players, making this one of our best gaming TVs. The Q85T support 4K video at 120 frames per second, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). It also supports FreeSync for PC gamers. This means no screen tearing on new titles and means the only lag will be you not pushing buttons fast enough rather than the other way around.

This discount actually makes this one of the cheapest ways to get 120fps support for the next-gen consoles, but you're definitely not getting cheap image quality here – this is near flagship 4K quality for Samsung. Only the more expensive Samsung Q90T does 4K better from its range.

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Even the sound of the Q85T is strong thanks to an additional set of speakers on the top left and top right. As we said in our review. "The additional drivers allow the TV to create a soundstage with exaggerated sonic height. This expanded speaker array works with OTS (Object Tracking Sound) technology, which cleverly steers sounds around to match movements." Another ideal spec if you don't fancy having to invest in a soundbar at the same time. 

Samsung 49-inch Q85T QLED | Was £1299 | Now £899 | Save £400 at Currys
The smaller Samsung Q85T one of only two TVs under 55 inches to support all the new features of PS5 and Xbox Series X, including 4K 120fps support. Oh, and it's an excellent 4K QLED TV for movies too, of course – there's bright HDR, rich colours, deep blacks, and excellent image processing. The smart TV platform is top-notch, too.View Deal

Samsung Q85T QLED 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1299 | Now £999 | Save £300 at Currys
The Samsung Q85T is the perfect 55-inch TV under £1000 for those hungry to make the most of their new generation consoles without the additional investment of OLED. Samsung's QLED screen means every colour looks exceptional and support for 4K at 120 frames per second as well as VRR and ALLM is an excellent future proofing addition.View Deal

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