Save £1000 on this 5-star giant MiniLED TV this Black Friday

Big screen. Big discount.

Hisense U7K Black Friday deal
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If there's one thing that just screams Black Friday, it's giant TVs. Ever since the sale season started, images of shoppers fighting over giant TVs at rock-bottom prices have been engrained in our minds. Now you luckily don't have to do that, but the savings are still there. 

Right now you can save £1000 on the 85" HiSense U7K SmartTV on Amazon. It's down from £2999 to £1999, a superb price for such a large MiniLED display, and the subject of a 5 star T3 review

85" HiSense U7K SmartTV: was £2999 now £1999

85" HiSense U7K SmartTV: was £2999 now £1999
Save £1000 on this humongous MiniLED TV. With ULED certification you can enjoy ultra 4K resolution an ultra-wide colour gamut and ultra-low dimming as well as a 144Hz refresh rate. As a smart TV it can of course also access all of the leading apps and streaming services.

If you haven't got time to read the full review, let me explain quickly just what makes this TV so great other than its size. 

As a MiniLED TV with an Ultra 4K resolution, the picture quality is obviously second to none. If you love to watch movies or live sport in 4K then you've found the answer to your prayers. Our review noted that it does struggle with upscaling a bit but as long as you're watching something in at least 1080p, the panel offers a feast for your eyes, with sleek 5mm bezels really making the most of those 85 inches. 

Gamers will be delighted by this TV too. The 144Hz refresh rate will help those after the highest possible frame rates while there are no less than four HDMI ports (three of which support HDMI 2.1). It even features its own 'Game Bar' quick menu of common gaming settings. So whether you've got a PS5 or one of the best gaming laptops, beauitiful 4K gaming is super easy.

With the huge £1000 saving you should definitely however invest in one of the best soundbars  as the native audio performance isn't great, but you'll still have plenty of that £1000 to pocket. 

Overall for this money, if you've got a wall big enough for an 85-inch TV, this is an easy recommendation from us this Black Friday.

Andy Sansom
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