Samsung just gave you a killer reason to pre-order the Galaxy Watch

As if you didn't have a good enough reason already

Samsung's Galaxy Watch was officially announced a few weeks ago, and is already shaping up to be the go-to smartwatch for Android users.

If the sophisticated design and new features aren't enough to persuade you to pre-order, then Samsung's latest deal should be enough to tip you over the edge.

The Gear S3 and Gear Sport successor is available in two sizes, 42mm and 46mm, and prices start at £279 for the smaller version, and £299 for the larger model.

That's already an attractive price, and surprisingly, more affordable than the Gear S3 when it went on sale, but Samsung is giving users an even better reason to pre-order the watch.

If you purchase the Galaxy Watch before the 7th of September, Samsung will bundle its new 'Wireless Charger Duo' dock for free.

This is able to wirelessly charge your phone and Galaxy Watch simultaneously, and would cost £89 is purchased separately.

It's a great deal, and shouldn't be missed – especially if you're invested in the Samsung ecosystem, and are picking up a Galaxy Note 9 as well.

What we're still not sure about is how often you'll need to charge the Galaxy Watch. At the launch Samsung stated the battery would last around up to seven days on a single charge.

However, we don't know if that's using the heart rate sensor and GPS, or on a battery saving mode.

We're looking forward to finding out.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

As the Style and Travel Editor at T3, Spencer covers everything from clothes to cars and watches to hotels. Everything that's cool, stylish, and interesting, basically. He's been a part of T3 for over seven years, and in that time covered every industry event known to man, from CES and MWC to the Geneva Motorshow and Baselworld. When he's driving up and down the country in search of the greatest driving roads, he can be found messing around on an electric scooter, playing with luxury watches, or testing the latest fragrances.